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Welcome to the Cook Street Village Activity Centre

This is your home for social, educational and recreational activities! We are open to people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds (yes, this means you!)

Come on by and take a tour of the Cook Street Village Activity Centre (CSVAC) and discover what a friendly, open community that is available to you here.

Allow our reception volunteers to give you a warm welcome while you learn about the many interesting programs and activities available to you. We have something for everybody!

Multicultural Welcome sign

There’s always something you can do here.

If you get hungry, you can join us for lunch and choose from our diverse and delicious menu options.

While you’re here, pick up a copy of our monthly Happenings newsletter.  This will keep you up to date on all the latest programs and activities so you won’t miss a thing!

Once you see all we have to offer, you’ll know why membership has it’s privileges! Ready to get on board?  Become a member today!


“CSVAC is proud to be a member of the Safe Harbour Program. Safe Harbour is a “block-watch” style program that promotes an inclusive BC and celebrates strong, vibrant, and diverse communities. To promote and welcome diversity, the CSVAC commits to provide a safe place for community members who may be victims of discrimination and harassment. We also commit to three key principles:

  •  Equitable treatment: Treating all of their clients and/or customers in an equitable manner. If a concern is expressed regarding a lack of equitable treatment, staff members take this concern seriously and take steps to address it.
  • Providing a “Safe Harbour”: Being a safe place where a community member will receive a helping hand, such as a place to sit, a telephone to use, and information about how to seek further assistance.


Prepared employees: Trained staff commit to sharing the program with their colleagues through a review of Safe Harbour in their Participant’s Workbook and discussion about how to better welcome diversity.


The Cook Street Village Activity Centre is a member of the Cook Street Village Business Association. Ask us about our discounted rates for special events if you are a Village People card holder.